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Make Reservations

Just by purchasing a $100 Gift Card

Welcome back to the NFL Season! Thank you all for your continued support during these modified, and limited dining restrictions.

To make reservation for game day all you need to do is purchase a $100 Westy Gift Card. Purchases currently can be made in person or over the phone with credit card.

At the time of purchase, please provide the following

Date & Time

Number of people in party

Specific game you wish to see, if any.

Phone number

Give us a call during business hours to get started. (206)937-8977

The Specifics

Reservations will be taken for the current NFL Sunday & the following week.

Gift Card purchase reserves a single table. Does not matter if you are a solo diner or a household of 5.

Gift Card can be used at time of purchase, day of reservation, or future visits. Value of card does not have to be used during one visit. 

Reservations will stop being taken at the end of Friday night's service for current NFL Sunday.

With the limited capacity and seating arrangement, we are limited to requests of 5 different games, until the Network games are announced on Wednesdays. Reservations do not guarantee an exact table or that sound will be featured for the exact game you are watching. Just that you will be able to view the game from your table.

Due to afternoon games directly following the morning games, if there is a reservation directly following the early games we unfortunately cannot accommodate parties after their game has concluded.

In the likelihood of Overtime, the previous party will have priority to conclude their game. We will do our best to accommodate parties that have to wait.

Unless otherwise noted in time of reservation, if your party has not arrived by the conclusion of the 1st Quarter, we will release the table.